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The Veterans Living History Museum is a unique interactive display that showcases items of history from over 100 years of the British military, from the start of the WW1 to the present day.

We are dedicated to helping raise money towards local veterans groups so that they can continue to support veterans and their families.


Wayne Hester

Wayne lives in the Guide area and is a Queens Lancashire Regiment veteran. Since leaving the Armed Forces, Wayne has been a committed father and husband and has dedicated a lot of his spare time to working with other charitable organisations, while enjoying his passion of motorcycles.  Wayne joined the Veterans Living History Museum in 2017 and recognized that there was a need within the veteran community for a hub 

 He is very well respected within the military community and has a deep passion for his work within the ex-service personnel community 

Jimmy Elsworth


 James is a Queens Lancashire Regiment veteran and lives in the Rossendale area. He is a lone parent and the president of his local working mens club. He started working with the Veterans Living History Museum in 2017.  Like a lot of ex-service personnel, 

James has had his issues since leaving the Armed Forces and fully understands what his fellow veterans are going through. He is an integral part of the team and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organisation. 

Patrick O'Reilly

Pat joined the army in 1993, and after completing a 26 week infantry training  He went on to join the 1st battalion the Queens Lancashire Regiment. After serving in Berlin, Canada and deploying on Op Resolute, Bosnia as part of IFOR with 1st Mechanized Brigade. He trained as an Infantryman, Platoon Medic , before leaving in 1998.

 Pat is passionate about military history and enjoys talking about the artifacts we have on display and why we should not forget our past. 

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